How to record audio directly from the desktop

How to record audio directly from the desktop

How to use Audacity to record audio

http://www.Replay-AV.comReplay AV is downloadable software that will turn any Windows PC into an Automatic Streaming Audio/Video Recorder.

Watch this video and you will learn:

1.) How to Record Internet Radio with Replay AV, automatic Internet Radio Recorder.
2.) Record online and on-demand audio stream from the Internet
3.) Record Web Radio station Online
4.) Record any audio you hear on your PC
5.) Convert streaming audio files (convert real audio to MP3) with this streaming radio recorder.

Replay AV – Record, Schedule and Convert All Kinds of Streaming Video and Audio:
– Capture/Download/Rip Online Video Clips
– Schedule and Capture/Record Radio Shows and Stations
– Find Radio, TV & Podcasts with the Integrated Media Guide
– Convert to 36 Popular Output formats
– Capture/Download/Rip Internet streaming TV stations
– Turn Audiobooks into MP3 Files
– Record XM and Sirius online radio feeds
– Download and Convert Podcasts and Video Blogs
– Record from Webcams or audio devices attached to your PC
– Capture/Rip/Download/Record, Convert and Copy to iPod automatically
– Easy to use
– No Spyware. No Viruses. 100% Guaranteed.
– FREE trial

Replay AV is FREE to try

More video tutorials on Replay AV…

Replay AV comes with Replay Converter built right into the program. Learn more about Replay Converter :

 Record any sound on your pc!!!

How to record songs from internet without a microphone

Dark Imek’s Video Tutorial; How to record audio off your PC


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